News on the Reopening and Shout out to Collaborators!

I know everyone is eagerly awaiting the reopening of the store, but none more than I, I can assure you of that. 

I have been working hard at updating all the capotes and merchandise and redoing my site to make it easier for me to add product, and also for you to navigate yourself through it. Before it was kind of just add whatever and hope everyone sees it. We are coming up to the year mark of me having this site up, and it's nostalgic for me to say goodbye to the first prototype, even though it's nothing near what I ever considered to be a decent site. Running the making, paperwork, and online marketing and website all on your own gets you turned around so fast, you start to get comfortable with your laziness. So I'm glad I was granted this time, even though it's thanks to Covid 19, to really get my crappola together and fix what was bothering me. 


The latest I am to receive our photoshoot photos is September 12th, which means the latest you will be able to see the new stuff is September 14th! I'll also be kicking open (figuratively and if I must I will find some doors to kick open literally) the new Metis Branded site with a kick butt reopening sale!


I started a Pinterest under Metis Branded as well, just incase you are one of those (cooler than normal) type of people, and maybe help me (as an old timer) figure out exactly how it's any different than Instagram and Facebook because I'm lost. 


As a gift for your loyalty for following me and checking up on my store daily to see if you could catch me accidentally posting something, I've popped a photo before Facebook and instagram or Pinterest of a soon to be on sale Capote. 

I also wanted to give a shout to all collaborators and photographers I have encountered, who have supported me, or have collaborated with me this past year. Either they have showcased their stuff with my capotes or vice versa, or have photographed them! As part of my photoshoots I love to include others to join into the opportunity for marketing and a chance for small businesses to grow together. If you have an idea, suggestion, or would like to get involved please don't hesitate to send me a message!


Marcii. Take care all! Will update you in just a little bit!

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