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I'm Casandra, and I'm the owner, operator, Metis mom of two, crazy lady who makes these wonderful one of a kind pieces from outdated, unloved, repurposed, beautiful, high quality wool blankets (and a few other fun add ons )

Kinanâskomitin, Marcii and Thank you for stopping by!

if you are interested in making a custom, the raffles, or a collaboration, or anything else really, I can be contacted at Metisbranded@gmail.com



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Metis Branded

Metis Branded was established in 2020, but was started back in 2017. I love to find old vintage and unloved pieces and give them a new life instead of your grandma's closet not being used or worse, the landfill. These vintage woollen blankets are revived into a new life that will bring you joy for many years and carries a long line of historic meaning alongside it!