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Taanishi! Welcome to Metis Branded!

Casandra is an young Indigenous entrepreneur. She is the owner and operator of Metis Branded. Casandra is a Metis woman, mother of two, who is passionate about Metis culture and art. She takes pride in making wonderful, one of a kind pieces from outdated, unloved, repurposed, beautiful, and high quality wool blankets (and a few additional treasures).

Kinan√Ęskomitin, Marcii and thank you for supporting local small businesses.

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Metis Branded

Metis Branded is an Indigenous small local business that operates in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the home of the Red River Metis.

Metis Branded was established in 2020, but was started back in 2017. We love to salvage and save old, vintage, and unloved pieces to give them a new life and to keep them out of the landfills.

Vintage wool blankets are cleaned and revived into a fresh new life that will bring you joy for many years and holds within its weave and stitching, a long history and deep connection to Red River.